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Like swimming pool, gymnasium, club rooms etc., modern day resident want common area laundry room as additional amenity wherein they can take care of washing and drying there laundry using high quality washers and dryers within 60 – 120 minutes. This not only saves their time but conserves water & electricity. The biggest advantage being better utilization of their apartment space by getting rid of washing machines or need to dry clothes in balconies/windows/rooms etc.

Item Monthly Yearly
Maid Salary 1750 21000
Detergent + Fabric softner 800 9600
Ironing 700 8400
Bonus Festival 120 1440
Total Cost Per Year 3370 40400
Cost of Snapwash 2900 34800
You save 470 5600


Use of high quality laundry machines of Speedqueen Company, USA.

pickup and delivery of laundry within 4 hours.

Fully automatic machines used no Manual Labor Involved

Ability to see how your laundry is done in front of your eyes.




Monthly unlimited packages, no need to calculate and count clothes every time you use laundry service.

No dependence on maid

Increased security of residential complex as the entry and exit of maids will reduce.

Cost savings as logistics cost saved by the company will be passed on to customers.

No need to spend money on EMI and maintenance of washing machines.

No more drying clothes on balconies or windows.

Save electricity and water bill.

No dependence on weather conditions.

What we need

We need an area of 300 sq. ft. to install the machines

We need electricity and water supply to operate the machines