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So weekend is here and you preparing your to do list which definitely includes washing of clothes and ironing them? Yes this is what we basically do we spend lot of time in washing our clothes and getting it ironed. You might be doing it using washing machine but still you have lot of work to do like put your clothes for wash, arrange water and electricity supply put the detergent, soak the clothes for a while, and then if there is no power then you have to wait for the power to resume. It can be difficult for you to mess with all this work in one go. Why not use laundry in Rajaharat to do all this work for you?


Now coming to the ironing so you have gone through all the above mentioned situations and got your clothes washed now what about ironing them? Yes you can do that on your own by standing for long hours. If you are alone then you might have some 10 clothes that need to be ironed what if you live in joint family? It doesn’t matter whether you are alone or in a joint family ironing clothes can be time consuming work for you .Why to waste your precious time doing this when you can do something productive.


Yes all this can be done easily with on eof the best laundry in Rajarhat  yes they provide you with good laundry services which does all your laundry work in one go. You just have to call them and handover the clothes to them and relax remaining work they will do it for you. They will do washing of clothes and then ironing it you can save your time and use it to do some other important works which needs your attention rather than struggling washing clothes and ironing them.


It happens that we you store your clothes i your wardrobe and don’t use for few days you will find that clothes get wrinkle because of the other clothes kept above it but when you have used their service there is  no chance of that wrinkles to occur i your clothes. Yes why because when you iron your clothes you do normal ironing, but when They does the ironing they do vacuum ironing which keep  the clothes wrinkle free for long. Vacuum ironing is the new type of ironing which press the clothes and remove the wrinkles softly and keep it fresh for long. So when you get your clothes ironed by them you can keep it for long without using it and get it in the same shape when you chose to wear it.


They have different rates for different type of clothes but you need worry to get your clothes ironed from one of the leading laundry in Newtown because the rates are very reasonable when compared to your struggle you can find all the details in their website. They provide you with other services apart from washing clothes and iron they also do dry cleaning of clothes so if you are looking get your any costly dress or suit dry cleaned you call them and they will provide you with laundry service at your doorstep.